Case Assistance: Thousands of Jewish poor, elderly and homeless turn to us for emergency cash assistance and other support advice.

Food Distribution: We distribute Kosher food for more than 1,500 needy families.

Crime Prevention: We provide locks, window gates and other security devices for income eligible seniors citizens.  We work closely with the NYC Police Department to arrange security for Jewish institutions.

Assistance to the Homebound: WE distribute lifeline communicators which can be used by seniors to summon help in the case of emergency.

Advocacy: We are the united voice of Queens Jewry, representing the Borough’s synagogues and Jewish institutions in their dealings with government, and organizing action on behalf of Israel and other Jewish causes.

Cultural Programs:  Every summer, Queens parks come alive with the sound of Jewish music at QJCC concerts.

Health Insurance:  Families without coverage can enroll their children in free or low cost health insurance.







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